Friday, January 31, 2014

Initial Impressions

Initial Impressions

                The memoir, Ball Four, written by Jim Bouton is a book deep into the greatest pastime in America, baseball. I have high hopes for this book and I want to stay interested and want to know what is going to happen next. I also want events to be described to great detail so I can understand exactly what is happening in the book. I think through the duration of the book it is going to talk about life in and out of the Major Leagues.
                I chose this book because I have passion for baseball. I have always wanted to know the inside scoop on what happens in the Major Leagues. This is probably a perfect book for me because this book is based off a baseball player. Furthermore, I wanted to know about baseball before the 21st century because I have heard it was quite different before then. I also chose this book because it was recommended by my peers who also love baseball. The author, Jim Bouton, was a former Major League pitcher, and was a writer, businessman, motivational speaker and was a semi-pro pitcher in New Jersey. The content is not only about baseball, but also about the players; the content also tends to get pretty funny. The format of the book summarizes what happens from day to day throughout the season. For instance, it talks about stuff on the field and then could talk about life off the field. Based on all of these aspects about the book, I hope Ball Four ends up being the book I want it to be.  
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Check the link out it is a documentary on Jim Bouton


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