Friday, January 31, 2014

Final Reflection

Final Reflection

                The book, Ball Four, was great and interesting. I would like to thank the people who recommended it to me because I cherished every single word written in the book. While I was reading, I was very interested and attentive to all the events that happened. Jim Bouton was very descriptive and made me want to read more. The experience was remarkable while I was reading. When he was telling the story of what it was like in the Major Leagues, I just wanted to go there more. Reading about the exciting intense games, signing autographs, and the meetings in the clubhouse was very entertaining. The style of the book is humorous; when Jim talks about what the players do off the field, he describes them doing stupid things at bars. Also, when he tries to negotiate for better contracts with the general manager, the dialogue gets pretty amusing. Jim and the G.M go back and forth trying to the settle a deal for the next year’s contract and they make fun of each other in the process. The book is passionate because Jim is writing about the thing that he loves and cares about. When he talks about his pitching performances he writes with enthusiasm. The format was like a journal and worked very well.  It allowed Jim to describe what happened every day in the baseball season. Compared to the other memoirs I have read, this one has had more meaning to me because this is a book about baseball and I admire the game. This book has inspired me so much that it has made my big dream of becoming a Major Leaguer even bigger!

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  1. It's great that you found a memoir you enjoyed and were interested in.