Friday, January 31, 2014

Emotional Reaction

Emotional Reaction

In sections of the novel there are many touchy parts in the content that I found and reacted to uncomfortably. One thing that I reacted to was what the baseball players call beaver shooting. Literally, beaver shooting doesn’t seem very nice but baseball players don’t actually shoot beaver. To baseball players, beaver shooting is: “peering over the top of the dugout to look up dresses to hanging from the fire escape on the twentieth floor of some hotel to look into a window” (Bouton 37). I found beaver shooting quite disturbing and gross. That put a whole new perspective I had on baseball players from the 60’s. I mean, aren’t players supposed to be focused on a game instead of looking up a girl’s dress? Many of these baseball players have wives, so they are essentially cheating on them by looking at other women. I also reacted to this because women are being violated without them even knowing, which I found extremely rude. When baseball players went beaver shooting they would have equipment with them. Outside of the stadium one of the legendary beaver shooters brought a beaver shooting kit wherever he went. In his kit he had “a fine steel awl and several needle files. What he would do is drill little holes into connecting doors to see what was going on” (Bouton 37). He was just spying on people’s personal life and violating their privacy. On the field, when players went beaver shooting, they would have binoculars and telescopes. The whole beaver shooting thing really ticked me off because I thought baseball players were supposed to have class. What great respect baseball players had for women.

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